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Letter of Demand for Repair Cost After NGV Conversion (Must-read)


















Date: 14 February 2010


NGV Conversion Workshop

MEGATOP NGV Enterprise

No 22, Jalan Tiara 2/3,

55200 Kepong

Kuala Lumpur

Attn: Mr Jean How



Dear Sir/Madam,

RE : Letter Of Demand For Third-Party NGV Repair Cost Claims

      Vehicle No: WKW 3425          Model: Proton Waja     Conversion Date: 5 January 2010

      NGV Repair Cost Amount: RM1,415.00 (LuxTech NGV Invoice: H25467) 





This letter serves as a formal demand for reimbursement payment on third-party NGV repair cost. Pursuant to the Official Receipt on 5 January 2010 entered into between MEGATOP NGV ENTEPRISE and myself for quality workmanship NGV Installation, you are obliged to reimburse myself on all third-party repair cost within your warranty period.  



The breakdown cost of the third-party claim is attached along with this Letter of Demand. In addition, the picture of your poor workmanship has been recorded and can be served as factual evidence in event of a legal action against you and your company. It is noted that MEGATOP NGV ENTERPRISE has been given repeated chances to rectified vehicle problems pursuant to my vehicle registration: WKW 3425 model Proton Waja, converted by your workshop on 5 January 2010. The causes of my vehicle problem have been identified to your incompetent workmanship. A third-party NGV Specialist has rectified the said problems and provided a third-party repair bill amounting to RM1,415.00. Thus, it is deemed that you are to reimburse myself on the third-party repair cost since you have blatantly failed to rectify it in so many ocassions.  Your workshop must pay the sum of RM1,415.00 immediately to avoid legal action to collect this claim.



TAKE NOTICE that if the said Third-Party Repair Cost is not paid in accordance with the above paragraph, I shall refer this case to the Malaysian Consumer Tribunal or Malaysian Small Claims Court for collection and/or other available remedies against you as at the date of commencement of such legal proceedings or taking of such remedies, without further reference to you, the costs and expenses of which will be borne by you. Alternatively,  a technical compliant will be lodged against your workshop with JPJ Automotive Engineering Department in Putrajaya.



Yours Faithfully,

(Ahmad Bin Aziz)






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