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How to Win Against Your Irresponsible NGV Installer (Must-Read)











In our experience, we have found that most NGV users are too ready to repair their vehicle with third-party NGV Installers. Thus, they automatically destroyed/eliminated all traces of evidences against their irresponsible NGV installers. Legal action will be almost impossible without factual evidences. It was NOT be their mistake, suffering NGV users were too keen to restore their vehicles to reliable performance.  


Here is what you need to do (Preparatory Actions for Legal Action):


Step 1: Find a reliable and well-trained NGV installer for problem diagnostics (available at NGV Specialists).




Step 2: Find the fault (or problems) that is affecting your vehicle (either petrol or NGV, or both).




Step 3: Take Picture on all the areas of Installation fault or Poor Workmanship as below:


Bad: Engine Overview

Poor Workmanship on Pipeline (Very Inexperience Installer)





Bad: Pipeline

Non-MS1096:1997 Compliant Installation Method





Bad: Pipeline 2

It is almost worrying to look at this workmanship





Bad: Regulator

NGV Wiring is all over the places, not Spark-Proof.




With this pictorial evidence, anyone can understand that your NGV installer has acted irresponsibly and incompetent in carrying his conversion works. You can either tender these pictures as legal action evidence or send them to JPJ Automotive Engineering Department as a Technical Complaint. It cost the owner several hundreds of ringgit to repair and his installer did not even paid. Then, he could not claim from his irresponsible installer as he did not know how. He suffered in silent, while his irresponsible installer continue to cheat other consumers.



Thus, please take picture on all your installation problem as evidence. Then, you are ready to go and negotiate with your irresponsible installer on the repair cost. If he/she refuses, you can take all the possible legal action against them. The creditable threat of legal action should be sufficient to create fear in them to cooperate.




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