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Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) - NGV-Related Department (Must-Read)












In Malaysia, all NGV licensed workshops are licensed, regulated and monitored by JPJ Automotive Engineering Department, headed by Ir Mohamad Bin Dalib, Department Director. Ir Mohamad is a very reasonable man, and extremely well-versed with NGV systems and conversion method. He is the key signatory on all NGV LICENSE CERTIFICATE and very strict on approving NGV license application.



Ir Mohamad Bin Dalib at email: pteknik@jpj.gov.my 



You can trust on his judgement on all NGV Technical issues in dispute. Here is the list of technical issues that you may complaint to him:

  • False representation by unlicensed NGV workshop who converted your vehicle (leading to your inability to properly register your vehicle as NGV Status with JPJ);


  • False representation on competency level on NGV conversion to you (leading to inability to troubleshoot/repair your NGV vehicle as promised);


  • Poor workmanship leading massive/continuous engine problems (leading to continuous engine problem on idling, undriveable or near-miss accidents);


  • Poor Engineering Practices (such as, using thin-screws to mount cylinder, refilling nozzle at battery terminal side, flimsy brackets, etc) 


  • Refusal on After Conversion Problem-solving (leading to third-party repair which incurs thousand of ringgit repair bills or a complaint on working attitude)


Just send him an email with details on Workshop Name, Location Address, Telephone, Person-In-Charge and the technical complaint (no monetary complaint is entertained). Thus, he will be able to send his department officers to visit and investigate on technical complaint as filed by you.



Ir Mohamad has conducted alot of this complaint investigations, in resulting to workshop fines, licensed revoked or workshop blacklisted by JPJ as NGV Conversion workshop. He is a fair man to NGV Users, least to say.  You should believe in this particular JPJ Department Director, Ir Mohamad Bin Dalib.



From members of NGV Community on techical complaints with JPJ. 



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