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Legal Rights Section   

This is the legal RIGHT SECTION

Legal Rights Section


1. Letter of Demand for Repair Cost After NGV Conversion (Must-read)

2. How to Win Against Your Irresponsible NGV Installer (Must-Read)

3. Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) - NGV-Related Department (Must-Read)

4. Malaysian Consumer Tribunal (Highly Recommended Approach)

5. Malaysian Small Claims Court (Low Recommended Approach)


1. Letter of Demand for Repair Cost After NGV Conversion (Must-read)(Views : 1637)

Before you consider any legal action, you may want to serve your irresponsible NGV Installer on a Letter of Demand for Third-Party Repair Cost. This letter will be sufficient enough to knock-up some sense into your irresponsible installer that he/she must take you seriously.


Read for the Sample Letter of Demand that you can 'Copy and Paste' and make changes where needed.



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2. How to Win Against Your Irresponsible NGV Installer (Must-Read)(Views : 1864)

This section provides a preparatory guideline in establishing a sold case against your irresponsible NGV Installers. You can use the methods here to create concrete evidence on their irresponsible and unprofessional NGV conversion in your vehicle. 


In this part, our main objective is to arm you with the necessary tools in collecting factual evidence in event of a legal action, such as Malaysian Consumer Tribunal and/or Malaysian Small Claims Court.


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3. Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) - NGV-Related Department (Must-Read)(Views : 2941)

All Malaysian NGV licensed workshops are licensed, regulated and monitored by Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) under Automotive Engineering Department in Putrajaya. If you have a technical complaint on any particular with solid reasons, you can use this JPJ Complaint Guide below.


We strongly remind you that you should have solid or vaild reasons to complaint to this JPJ Department, pertaining to license or unlicense issues and installers' POOR Engineering Practices. Any monetary dispute over repairs/replacement will not be entertained by this JPJ Department. It must be purely technical in nature, and non-monetary dispute.



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4. Malaysian Consumer Tribunal (Highly Recommended Approach)(Views : 5897)

This is a good place to lodge a consumer complaint against any irresponsible NGV installer within Malaysia. The process is simple and your complaint can be done personally and without a Lawyer. This is how you can lodge a complaint with Malaysian Consumer Tribunal over your irresponsible NGV installer.


It is your rights to complain to Malaysian Consumer Tribunal in protecting your consumer rights against irresponsible NGV Installers. Read for the Guideline to lodge a complaint to Malaysian Consumer Tribunal. We highly recommend that Consumer Tribunal is the best approach among our list of Legal Rights Action.



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5. Malaysian Small Claims Court (Low Recommended Approach)(Views : 9079)

If you want to take a legal small claims against your Irresponsible Installer, you can conduct a simple financial claims through the Malaysian Small Claims Court. It is a simple process which you can carrying out by yourself (with or without a lawyer), and here you the Frequently Asked Questions and Guidelines below.


Do not let your irresponsible installer makes alot of money out from you, while you are still having problems with your NGV vehicle.


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