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Hydrotech WCMS   

Hydrotech Web Content Management System

This Web-based Content Management System (WCMS) where page posting add, edit, and delete can be done without web programmer. It is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) on content management.

Information can be managed, archived and published for events, news, FAQ style, Library downlod style, multiple posting style, Sub Tab features with build in forum and customer web counter.

Currently Hydrotech WCMS Version 2.0 currently been used by the following website:

  1. http://www.ngvcommunity.com - NGV Community Malaysia
  2. http://www.ngv.com.my - Malaysia Hijau NGV Group
  3. http://www.solidworksmalaysia.com - Solidworks Malaysia Community
  4. http://www.flashlube.com.my - Falshlube Malaysia
  5. More to come ...


Please contact us if you would like to purchase the Our WCMS System to promote your company:-
Contact Person : Philip Ng
Handphone : 6-012-2231004
Email Inquiry: philipngcc@ngvcommunity.com

We do provide web hosting and domain name register at very low price and the hosting is compatible with our Hydrotech WCMS script.

Cheapest Web + Email Hosting in Malaysia (Promotion)

Web+Email Hosting Option 1
Web Hosting : RM199 yearly (3GB Web + Email Hosting) Cheapest In Malaysia (Special Promotion Price if buy our script) with special services ** 
Web+Email Hosting Option 2
Web Hosting : RM250 yearly (100GB Web + Email Hosting) Cheapest In Malaysia (Special Promotion Price if buy our script) with special services ** Recommended!!!

Domain Option
.com Domain Name Registration: RM50 yearly
.com.my Domain Name Registration : RM100 yearly

Pricing for Hydrotech WCMS System :
Please call or email me for WCMS pricing and yearly upgrade maintenance fees

We offer special pricing if you host the script with our web hosting.

Special Services **
1) Free creating email accounts
2) Free backup data files and database for the website
3) Free Migrate website if it is currently hosted elsewhere
4) Free Reminder of expiry
5) Free setup of free script
6) Free traffic!!! from NGV Community

We are partner for a reliable hosting company that hosted NGV Community.com

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