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NGV Community.com started off as a pet project of Mr Philip Ng. It started with his NGV conversion on his Proton Wira, and later led to his ambition to spread the word of NGV via the Internet. NGV Community was initially born from a blog, and move up to a website under the domain name of http://www.hydrotechmy.com in May 2006.


As in early July 2006, NGV Community became an important resource for Malaysia NGV user and visitors with the participation of Dr. Xander Thong. The NGV Information Team was formed, and provided technical solution to problematic NGV vehicles. Since then, both Philip Ng and Dr Xander Thong build the community to an average 30,000 hits per month and listed on the 1st page on Google Search under the keyword 'NGV'.


As of today, NGV Community has a growing number of members and technical contributors. It has become the beacon light for all problematic NGV vehicle, NGV beginners and international visitors




Address  : No 30, Ground & Mezzanine Floor

               Jalan 3/3C, Jalan Ipoh,

               68100 Kuala Lumpur



Tel         : 6-03-6252 2322

Fax        : 6-03-6252 5255




Founder: Mr Philip Ng, BCompSc, MCP, MCSD.


Mr Philip Ng (33), Malaysian, is a co-Founder of NGV Community.com with Dr. Xander Thong in 2006.  NGV Community.com has since become  a leading worldwide information and technical portal for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV). In addition, NGV Community.com is set to become the leading Online Mall for NGV Parts and Components to NGV Installers (Converters) and users.


Mr Philip Ng plays a vital role in developing and designing NGV Community.com into a robust Content Management System. All system development is being done meticulously with the highest amount of passion and effort in developing NGV Community.com. 




Malaysia Flag      contact: philipngcc@ngvcommunity.com                        skype: philipngcc






Founder: Dr. Xander Thong, DSc, Pg.Dip, BSc, MLVK Gas Installer (Malaysia).


Dr. Xander Thong (34), Malaysian,  is a co-Founder with Philip Ng and bringing along business acumen, NGV technical expertise and experience into NGV Community.com. He is a Malaysian Government Certified Professional NGV Installer and the head of NGV Information Team (experts who address all technical enquiries in the NGV Community.com forum).


Dr. Xander also co-founded several Licensed NGV Installation and Diagnostic Centers in Malaysia and is a key advisor to many small Licensed Bumiputera-Owned NGV Workshops in Malaysia. In addition, Dr Xander Thong is the Shareholder\President\CEO of a top-notch NGV equipment company for South East Asia and the key coordinator for NGV Installers in several countries, ie Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines.


Dr. Xander is a total believer and is extremely passionate that CNG-NGV should be the immediate Alternative Fuel for middle and low income groups with petrol vehicles. More importantly, he strive and fights for NGV to achieve the highest level of SAFETY FIRST, by building strong NGV companies under the empahsis of NGV Always Safe, NGV Always $ave.....Our Environment.    


Dr. Xander grew up in the metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur, which has the highest concetration of NGV refilling stations in Malaysia, and lives there with his wife and 4 years-old son. 



Malaysia Flag     contact: drxander@ngvcommunity.com                           skype: xanderthong








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