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Where can I find NGV spare parts or replacement components?

NGV Community.com is the only leading online community and NGV Parts e-mall that is available in the world. There are currently no accredited retail outlets that cater to NGV Users' purchase of a single unit or very small quantity of NGV parts and components to replace damaged or faulty parts/components installed in their existing NGV vehicles, unless having to become  an accredited dealer/distributor or purchasing in bulk. Availability of the required parts/components are just as important, as being able to purchase in single units or in quantity, to shorten the vehicle's repair downtime.


Thus, NGV Community.com NGV Parts has set up a NGV Parts E-mall to provide the convenience to NGV Users to purchase NGV Parts and Components, irrespective whether it's only for a single unit or in  quantity. This NGV Parts e-mall is supported by Dr. Xander Thong's NGV Equipment company, located in Malaysia.



NGV Community Parts Mall Logo



Please visit NGV Parts e-mall at www.ngvcommunity.com/store.









Developed and Operated by Dr. Xander Thong and Philip Ng

(If you have enquiry, kindly email and notify to drxander@ngvcommunity.com or philipngcc@ngvcommunity.com)


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