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Where can I find News Update on NGV Worldwide?

You may subscribe to several online newsletters for news, reports and  updates on the CNG-NGV industry, and the following online websites are strongly recommended.




NGV Communication Group News Portal

(a) NGV Communication Group at www.ngvgroup.com,

Contact: Ita Soerijanto (General Manager) at ita@ngvgroup.com

NGV Communication Group represents the most comprehensive news media in the global NGV industry.

Besides news reporting, NGV Communication Group is a publishing house and event organiser with the largest international e-mailing list and online statistics about CNG-NGV. We strongly recommend that you should subscribe to the newsletter from NGV Communication Group.

For advertising, please contact Ita Soerijanto.

Our Rating: 10 out of 10.





NGV Global News Portal

(b) NGV Global News Portal (from IANGV) at www.ngvglobal.com

Contact: Brett Jarman (Editor) at brett@ngvnetwork.com

NGV Global News Portal is dedicated to provide up-to-date news and reports on the members of International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles. NGV Networks represents the publishing house for NGV Global.com. The news and reports are current and relevant to all CNG-NGV participants. For news, reports and other relevant information on CNG-NGV, this is also a must subscribe to website.

For advertising, please contact Brett Jarman.

Our Rating: 10 out of 10.




(c) Clean City News at www.eere.energy.gov/cleancities/ccn

The official publication of the Clean City Program and the Alternative Fuel Data Center in USA.




(d) Altfuels Advisor at www.altfuels.com

Altfuels Advisor provides specialised news, data and information for professional involved in Alternative Fuel Vehicle





(e) Fleets and Fuels at www.fleetsandfuels.com

Biweekly newsletter highlighting news and information about Alternative Fuel Vehicles.










Compiled and presented by Dr. Xander Thong

(If you have noticed any error or inaccuracy, kindly email and notify to drxander@ngvcommunity.com)







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