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Below are a compilation of Frequently Asked Questions forwarded to the NGV Community.com. All answers provided represent the worldwide researches and views compiled and written by Dr. Xander Thong and NGV Information Team.  




The information on this website and NGV FAQ is provided free-of-charge, and you acknowledge that it would be unreasonable to hold us liable in respect of this website and the information on this website. Whilst we endeavour to ensure that the information on this website is correct, we do not warrant its completeness or accuracy; nor do we commit to ensuring that the website remains available or that the material on this website is kept up-to-date. 


Kindly email us if you have other strategic questions about CNG-NGV to drxander@ngvcommunity.com or philipngcc@ngvcommunity.com



1. What are the Available Alternative Fuel to Petrol and Diesel now?

2. Which is better alternative fuel (CNG-NGV vs LPG) for us all?

3. Are there any NGV Associations around the World?

4. Where can I find News Update on NGV Worldwide?

5. Where can I find NGV Components suppliers?

6. Where can I find NGV spare parts or replacement components?

7. What is the Daily consumption of oil and gas in the world?


1. What are the Available Alternative Fuel to Petrol and Diesel now?(Views : 4782)

In the early days of the automotive industry, choice of vehicular fuel was determined by its storage capacity against the mileage that a single refill can achieve. Petrol (Gasoline) and diesel fuel provides the highest storage capacity in a denser liquid state. 



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2. Which is better alternative fuel (CNG-NGV vs LPG) for us all?(Views : 15165)

Which one is the better alternative fuel (CNG-NGV vs LPG) for us all? This is the question most people are asking and seeking an absolute answer.  We strongly believe the answer depends on the availability of such alternative fuel in your  country. Countries blessed with natural gas (or crude oil reserves) are able to tap and domestically produced CNG (or LPG) as the alternative fuel source. The best means to know whether your country offers CNG or LPG is through a check at your local Pump Stations. Alternatively, you can ask whether your local public transport companies, like taxicabs or buses, are using CNG or LPG as a fuel to power their fleet. 



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3. Are there any NGV Associations around the World?(Views : 3015)

At NGV Community.com, we are grateful that there are many Associations established to promote and organise events for CNG-NGV Global Developments. Some of these Associations are listed below with a link  to their respective website for your convenience, but your search for information should not be restricted only to  these websites.

  • Government lobbying and policy assistance;
  • Providing industry information to members and stakeholders;
  • Standards development and dissemination;
  • Standards harmonization;
  • Organizing industry conferences;
  • Collecting relevant statistical data;
  • Facilitating technical information exchange;
  • Marketing and industry awareness activities; and
  • Other relevant activities.



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4. Where can I find News Update on NGV Worldwide?(Views : 4615)

You may subscribe to several online newsletters for news, reports and updates on the CNG-NGV industry, and the following online websites are strongly recommended.



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5. Where can I find NGV Components suppliers?(Views : 2984)

We recommend that you should use the facilities offered by online directory listing of Service Providers. In the directory for CNG-NGV, we found that the following websites to be comprehensive as a directory guide to CNG-NGV components and other services.



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6. Where can I find NGV spare parts or replacement components?(Views : 2655)

NGV Community.com is the only leading online community and NGV Parts e-mall that is available in the world. There are currently no accredited retail outlets that cater to NGV Users' purchase of a single unit or  small quantity of NGV parts and components to replace damaged or faulty parts/components installed in their existing NGV vehicles, other than having to become an accredited dealer/distributor or purchasing in bulk. Availability of the required parts/components are just as important, as being able to purchase in single units  or in quantity, to shorten the vehicle's repair downtime.



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7. What is the Daily consumption of oil and gas in the world?(Views : 2648)

The counter at the Home of NGV Community is based on the daily consumption of oil (84 million barrels per day) and gas (nearly 44 million barrels per day) in the world. The total of 127.8 million barrels per day works out to 1,480 barrels per second. The counter represents the rate at which oil and gas are being consumed in the world at any given moment.

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